When it comes to buying ethical sunglasses, you need to look at the company as a whole. Many places seem to sell fashionable sunglasses that don’t come with the usual plastic legs and non-ethical lenses, so it's important to do your homework.

As we know, the trend towards ethically-made 'everthing' is increasing. From cars, to batteries, to clothing, food and everything in between. We are making a shift from being consumers that don't care to ones that are proactive in helping slow the impact of our consumerism on the environment.

In order to buy ethical eyewear, you need to look at CROSSEDUK.com's site for inspiration. CROSSED is a new company that has launched its stunning bamboo sunglasses from their dual-base in Spain and the UK. Having the horn-rimmed glasses look, you can finally buy stunning environmentally-friendly sunglasses without the worry of them being made in poor conditions and affecting the planet.

CROSSED has thrown itself into the ethical sunglasses industry and is taking on the big boys, and winning! Having taken the fight to Oliver Goldsmith glasses, the on-trend look of bamboo sunglasses is seriously big now. Yes, it may be moving in the colder months of autumn and winter, but who says there is a bad time to wear such stunning sunglasses?

They have a retro look and yet wearing the eyewear makes you an icon. Not only in terms of what is hot right now, but as more ethically-made products are being created, they will continue to be the ones to choose and should hopefully overtake the mass-produced plastic glasses that too many people wear.

The problem, and there always is one, of buying ethical sunglasses is that they are usually so expensive that only the well-heeled can afford them, but that's where CROSSED has bucked the trend to. £50 can get you one pair of sunglasses for the majority of the product range, which is bang on the money when it comes to the average cost of sunglasses. More and more people are shifting away from the big designer names of Burberry and Gucci in favour of responsibly-made sunglasses, and for that, you need to remember the name CROSSEDUK.

To see the rest of the range, take a look here and decide which one suits your face. Is it Neptuno browline glasses or Tierra, Wood or Saturno. Take a look and surprise yourself or buy two pairs and have matching for you and your partner! Eco glasses are the future, eco-friendly glasses are available now. Be the future. Protect your planet and buy some handmade sunglasses today.